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This Human Buys His Master A Small Hammock So They Could Chill Together, The Cat Approves

Say hello to Paçoca, a very lazy cat that lives in Brazil who enjoys spending her days laying down and taking mini naps. Pacoca’s owner, Ana Beatriz Pinho, has a dad who also loves to lounge around, he even has a special hammock on the balcony. He recently took the chilling experience to the next level when he decided that the cat deserves to have a hammock, too…

“My God,” the daughter wrote on Twitter when she saw it. “My father bought a hammock for Paçoca just so she could lie by his side.”

Thats right, he hanged the cat hammock right next to his. Being lazy is good, but being lazy with a buddy is even better. Paçoca seems to approve, as the hammock has become one of her favorite spots in the world to do absolutely nothing.

More info: Twitter (h/t)

Meet Paçoca a lazy cat who enjoys spending her days nappinghappy cat


Her owners dad bought her a hammock so she could chill next to himcat-hammock-brazil-pacoca-ana-beatriz-pinho-2-598973441aa35__700


“My God… My father bought a hammock for Paçoca just so she could lie by his side”
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