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Pawternity Photoshoot For This Pregnant Dog To Celebrate Puppies Being Born

Meet Rue and Ruger, two lovely dogs that are about to have their first litter, but because these puppies are born into a service dog program. They have a big journey ahead of them with the goal of giving back quality of life to a human who faces challenges due to a disability.

Ashlee, the owner/trainer of the service dog program wanted to document this special moment, as well as milestones along the way. So, she decided a PAWternity session was in order. Items were taken from around the house and created props for the session, including a human nightgown that we altered to become a “PAWternity gown. Rue and Ruger absolutely ROCKED their PAWternity session. A “newborn session” and a “name reveal” session are just a few of the sessions as we document the journey of these special little pups.

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