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Traditional Japanese Sandals Get An Adorable Cat Sandal Revamp

cat sandles

Have you been taking too many cat naps? Perhaps you need the right kind of cat sandal to motivate you to step out of your home.

Previously, Village Vanguard retailed a mind-boggling optical illusion t-shirt that made its wearer look as if they had D-cups. Now, it’s introduced a collection of ¥3,780 (US$34) traditional-inspired slippers you need to check out right meow.

Designed by footwear maker Narageta, the ‘Nyarageta’ sandals are a play on the Japanese words “Nya” (meow), “Nara” (the city they’re from), and “geta” (traditional wooden slippers).

Instead of being made with traditional wood, the ‘Nyarageta’ sandals are designed with a lightweight, shock-absorbing material for your everyday cool cat.

Check out the purr-fect sandals below, and head here to learn more.


Cat Sandal Cat Sandal

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